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the venice canals, a beach, and the thiot family

I got this text from Stacy Thiot last night: “I love that we text and are besties now. I actually had a dream about shooting film last night. Haha!”

So maybe, after shooting her family, Stacy and I ARE great buds and maybe I’m not so secretly trying to turn her to the dark side of shooting film. (Mwhahaha!)

I was beyond thrilled to meet these three after being friends on Instagram for a while now. And I’ll never ever get over these California locations. Sunny, warm, and gorgeous in December. I’m sold! Now all that’s left to do is find a way to get out to Cali more often or…just move there. Preferably the latter.

Thanks, cute Thiot family for trusting me to capture your magic and for letting me call you guys friends.

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Samantha Kelly Photography-9049

Samantha Kelly Photography-9013

Mamiya 645 ProTL, Canon eos3, Fuji400h, Kodak Tri-x

Mara - LOVE! My fav is the tip toes on top of the rocks! I’d frame that HUGE!


we are roz

Listen to how crazy this is: Carson is a videographer and Jostlyn is a film photographer. Sound like anyone else you know? (Ok, I’ll tell you: me and Chas!) And here’s another fun fact: Jostlyn was the person who sold her Mamiya 645 ProTL to me! I really love my camera and I have her to thank for it!

So, when I was booking St. George sessions last weekend, it seemed ONLY natural for me to bring her old camera by her and Carson’s new (amazing!) studio for a little hello, good to see you again, and photo session. But seriously, I’m so, so happy they had me do these photos because it gave me the chance to finally put a face to a name and who wouldn’t want to shoot in this perfect studio setup?! I mean, let’s get real. They also didn’t mind Chas filming the whole session for a little photographer promo video he’s making for me. (Perks of having a videographer husband.) But wait- it gets better! Chas and I had so much fun during our session with these two that we then forced them to come to dinner with us that night as well! Haha.

To be honest, shooting another photographer is always a little intimidating but shooting another film photographer- and the person who previously owned the camera you’re shooting!?- I was kiiiinda nervous. But being with Carson and Jostlyn quickly felt like just hanging out with old friends. I just wish they lived closer (and dinner dates could happen more often)!

Be sure to check out their awesome work here. If I lived in St. George, I’d get in on the WE ARE ROZ party. Fast.


Samantha Kelly Photography-9003-2

Samantha Kelly Photography-9007

Samantha Kelly Photography-9005

Samantha Kelly Photography-9006

Samantha Kelly Photography-9013Samantha Kelly Photography-9009Samantha Kelly Photography-9000-3Samantha Kelly Photography-9001

Samantha Kelly Photography-9011

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Samantha Kelly Photography-9000-2


let’s stay in bed together all saturday morning

I mean there really are no words for these three. Truly.

And don’t even get me started on little Kennedy and her kitty whiskers. Don’t even.

If MY lazy, snuggly Saturday mornings looked this good, I’d never ever leave the bedroom. But just because these guys look like they walked out of magazine, doesn’t mean they aren’t the nicest, most friendly and welcoming little crew you’ve ever met. Because they are. Thanks, Tew family for letting me in on your morning happiness.

Samantha Kelly Photography-9000-3Samantha Kelly Photography-9005-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9000Samantha Kelly Photography-9006-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9003Samantha Kelly Photography-9010-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9008Samantha Kelly Photography-9001-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9014-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9004Samantha Kelly Photography-9007-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9000-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9002-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9005Samantha Kelly Photography-9016-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9017-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9022Samantha Kelly Photography-9025Samantha Kelly Photography-9021Samantha Kelly Photography-9015Samantha Kelly Photography-9018-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9011Samantha Kelly Photography-9026Samantha Kelly Photography-9013Samantha Kelly Photography-9009-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9006Samantha Kelly Photography-9008-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9004-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9001Samantha Kelly Photography-9015-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9007Samantha Kelly Photography-9023Samantha Kelly Photography-9012Samantha Kelly Photography-9013-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9002Samantha Kelly Photography-9000-4Samantha Kelly Photography-9017Samantha Kelly Photography-9019Samantha Kelly Photography-9014Samantha Kelly Photography-9020Samantha Kelly Photography-9011-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9010Samantha Kelly Photography-9028Samantha Kelly Photography-9016Samantha Kelly Photography-9000-3Samantha Kelly Photography-9009

Samantha Kelly Photography-9003-2

Samantha Kelly Photography-9018Samantha Kelly Photography-9027


BobbiJo - Absolutely beautiful images! I would love a session like this!

kelly - oh my!! I am dying over how beautiful these pictures are Sam!You have so so much talent!


dreamland with jenny and her boys

So very first thing that happened when I pulled out my camera at the start of this shoot and asked to get a picture of the two brothers together was they immediately cuddled up to each other close, wrapped their arms around one another so sweetly, and flashed me these smiles that made my heart break all over the place. That’s when I knew this session would be an absolute dream. And it was. There’s something about the way these images turned out that have a special ethereal, dream-like quality that is just so perfectly fitting for how being with this family felt. Gosh I love film.

And how these boy love their mama! With good reason, too. Jenny is warm and gentle with her love for her family. Her kind willingness and enthusiasm for every. single. pose I suggested during the session was the stuff photographer’s dreams are made of. There’s that word again: dream dream dreamy!

Samantha Kelly Photography-9018-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9010-3Samantha Kelly Photography-9005-4

Samantha Kelly Photography-9000-2

Samantha Kelly Photography-9011-3Samantha Kelly Photography-9001-3Samantha Kelly Photography-9016-3Samantha Kelly Photography-9000-6Samantha Kelly Photography-9024-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9013-3Samantha Kelly Photography-9002-4Samantha Kelly Photography-9001-4Samantha Kelly Photography-9000-4Samantha Kelly Photography-9004-3Samantha Kelly Photography-9022-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9019-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9012-3Samantha Kelly Photography-9008-3Samantha Kelly Photography-9006-3Samantha Kelly Photography-9017-3

Samantha Kelly Photography-9000-3

Samantha Kelly Photography-9000-5Samantha Kelly Photography-9002-3Samantha Kelly Photography-9023-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9014-3Samantha Kelly Photography-9003-3Samantha Kelly Photography-9015-3Samantha Kelly Photography-9007-4Samantha Kelly Photography-9007-3Samantha Kelly Photography-9006-4Samantha Kelly Photography-9009-3Samantha Kelly Photography-9005-3Samantha Kelly Photography-9004-4Samantha Kelly Photography-9021-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9003-4

Mamiya 645 ProTL, Canon eos3, fuji 400h, kodak tri-x


david miller (and family!) of alpine film lab

Having David Miller of Alpine Film Lab (the lab I use for all my processing and developing) ask me to do a family session for him was basically the highlight of my film shooting experience thus far. Hands down.

And can I just say that I have a small crush on this family? Because I do. I thought I was going to be a nervous stress wreck the whole time- knowing that David is an amazing film photographer himself and would be developing the film and thus seeing alllll the frames I shot (for better or for worse). In fact, this is the guy who actually first taught me how to even shoot film. Anything I know about my camera, technically speaking, is thanks to him. So no pressure at all shooting his family, right?! But surprisingly, this session was probably one of the most relaxed and flat-out fun sessions I’ve ever shot. Still not sure how that happened but I’m thinking it had a lot do to with how amazing these guys are together. They are the coolest and so mellow. All the expectations and pressure I was putting on myself just melted away and, before I knew it, our time together was over and I was left wishing I had brought lots more film just so I could keep hanging out with these four.

Samantha Kelly Photography-9002-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9019Samantha Kelly Photography-9007-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9002Samantha Kelly Photography-9000-2

Samantha Kelly Photography-9001-3

Samantha Kelly Photography-9035Samantha Kelly Photography-9016Samantha Kelly Photography-9015Samantha Kelly Photography-9003-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9010Samantha Kelly Photography-9014Samantha Kelly Photography-9011Samantha Kelly Photography-9031Samantha Kelly Photography-9038Samantha Kelly Photography-9020Samantha Kelly Photography-9013Samantha Kelly Photography-9004Samantha Kelly Photography-9009Samantha Kelly Photography-9001-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9002-3Samantha Kelly Photography-9006-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9003Samantha Kelly Photography-9018Samantha Kelly Photography-9039Samantha Kelly Photography-9036

Samantha Kelly Photography-9000-3

Samantha Kelly Photography-9023Samantha Kelly Photography-9022Samantha Kelly Photography-9005Samantha Kelly Photography-9004-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9007Samantha Kelly Photography-9028Samantha Kelly Photography-9000Samantha Kelly Photography-9040Samantha Kelly Photography-9027Samantha Kelly Photography-9006Samantha Kelly Photography-9012Samantha Kelly Photography-9001-4Samantha Kelly Photography-9005-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9001Samantha Kelly Photography-9034Samantha Kelly Photography-9032Samantha Kelly Photography-9017Samantha Kelly Photography-9008Samantha Kelly Photography-9029Samantha Kelly Photography-9025Samantha Kelly Photography-9024

Mamiya 645 ProTL, Canon eos3, Fuji 400h, Kodak Tri-x