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I wish I could’ve shot a thousand rolls of film with this little crew. After our mini session together, I kept thinking to myself how these guys were so fun and easy to work with. In a word: golden. I was thrilled when the film came back reflecting this same sense of “golden-ness” that I felt while spending time with them.

Ahhhh, film. You get it. You just get it.

Samantha Kelly Photography-9001Samantha Kelly Photography-9009Samantha Kelly Photography-9000Samantha Kelly Photography-9005Samantha Kelly Photography-9000-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9007Samantha Kelly Photography-9001Samantha Kelly Photography-9003Samantha Kelly Photography-9000Samantha Kelly Photography-9006Samantha Kelly Photography-9004Samantha Kelly Photography-9002Samantha Kelly Photography-9010Samantha Kelly Photography-9008

Mamiya 645 ProTL, Ektar 100


sister sister sister sister

The Ahlstrom family is one of my most loyal clients and I absolutely adore these girls. Shyla, their cute mom, told me she forgot about their school photo day AND the make-up photo day (hahaha awesome) and so she wanted a session just for the two of them- in their uniforms (can you even handle the adorable-ness?!). And then, of course we had to ditch the uniforms and jump, jump, jump, wrestle on the bed!

Along with these shots, I also got a few really sweet and simple classic portraits of each girl but I dunno- I kinda just luuuuuv the silly, goofy, playful ones. The marker on the bottom of the foot, the poses they strike all on their own, the giggles, the huge hugs…it really just doesn’t get much better than Eden and Britain!

Samantha Kelly Photography-9000-7

Samantha Kelly Photography-9031Samantha Kelly Photography-9027Samantha Kelly Photography-9052Samantha Kelly Photography-9016Samantha Kelly Photography-9004Samantha Kelly Photography-9009Samantha Kelly Photography-9051Samantha Kelly Photography-9019Samantha Kelly Photography-9012Samantha Kelly Photography-9018Samantha Kelly Photography-9003Samantha Kelly Photography-9000-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9036Samantha Kelly Photography-9037Samantha Kelly Photography-9041Samantha Kelly Photography-9003-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9017Samantha Kelly Photography-9055Samantha Kelly Photography-9000-3Samantha Kelly Photography-9002Samantha Kelly Photography-9001Samantha Kelly Photography-9033Samantha Kelly Photography-9058Samantha Kelly Photography-9000-5Samantha Kelly Photography-9026Samantha Kelly Photography-9034Samantha Kelly Photography-9024Samantha Kelly Photography-9007Samantha Kelly Photography-9005-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9022Samantha Kelly Photography-9028Samantha Kelly Photography-9060Samantha Kelly Photography-9059Samantha Kelly Photography-9025Samantha Kelly Photography-9046Samantha Kelly Photography-9056Samantha Kelly Photography-9062Samantha Kelly Photography-9043Samantha Kelly Photography-9048Samantha Kelly Photography-9044Samantha Kelly Photography-9020Samantha Kelly Photography-9013Samantha Kelly Photography-9002-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9063Samantha Kelly Photography-9000-4Samantha Kelly Photography-9008

Mamiya 645 ProTL, Canon eos3, Portra 800, Tri-x

Mara - please oh please come and visit!

Maria - I love this photo session! I can feel the fun they were having! :)


a forever and ever family

The Deller family drove from Colorado into SLC Friday morning at 2:30am. I shot these photos with them at 10:30am. And, at 2pm, they were sealed together inside the Salt Lake temple as an eternal family. The next morning, they flew to Hawaii for a family “honeymoon.”

(And if THAT weren’t amazing enough- the oldest daughter told me she recently BUILT her own film camera! When I asked the mom (Suzanne) if she cared for any classic, traditional portraits of her children, she immediately responded, “Oh we for sure don’t have to do traditional stuff- I love the unconventional!” The cherry on top was when the dad (Michael) referred to me as “that zany film photographer.” THIS is the stuff my little quirky film photographer dreams are made of, folks. ) I really loved these guys and the fact that they were willing to brave the cold, cold morning weather for these shots documenting such a wondrous occasion.Samantha Kelly Photography-9033Samantha Kelly Photography-9030Samantha Kelly Photography-9021Samantha Kelly Photography-9016Samantha Kelly Photography-9054Samantha Kelly Photography-9045Samantha Kelly Photography-9071Samantha Kelly Photography-9034Samantha Kelly Photography-9025Samantha Kelly Photography-9059Samantha Kelly Photography-9052Samantha Kelly Photography-9039Samantha Kelly Photography-9040Samantha Kelly Photography-9050Samantha Kelly Photography-9067Samantha Kelly Photography-9057Samantha Kelly Photography-9047Samantha Kelly Photography-9072Samantha Kelly Photography-9053Samantha Kelly Photography-9042Samantha Kelly Photography-9036Samantha Kelly Photography-9003Samantha Kelly Photography-9013Samantha Kelly Photography-9026Samantha Kelly Photography-9023Samantha Kelly Photography-9029Samantha Kelly Photography-9041Samantha Kelly Photography-9049Samantha Kelly Photography-9055Samantha Kelly Photography-9044Samantha Kelly Photography-9008Samantha Kelly Photography-9011Samantha Kelly Photography-9019Samantha Kelly Photography-9014Samantha Kelly Photography-9048Samantha Kelly Photography-9070Samantha Kelly Photography-9066Samantha Kelly Photography-9037Samantha Kelly Photography-9069Samantha Kelly Photography-9018Samantha Kelly Photography-9009Samantha Kelly Photography-9020Samantha Kelly Photography-9007Samantha Kelly Photography-9001-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9038Samantha Kelly Photography-9056Samantha Kelly Photography-9000-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9028Samantha Kelly Photography-9000-3Samantha Kelly Photography-9000-4

Mamiya 645 Pro TL, Canon eos3, Fuji 400h, Tri-x

Amy Rau - So beautiful Samantha! I love how you see the world. Truly beautiful!


dixon family

The Dixons live up the street from us. They love our two daughters like their own. Becca (in the peach and cream top) is one of our very favorite babysitters and Hero ADORES her. Becca takes Hero for rides in their family’s red wagon and brings her Christmas presents. While showing Hero a few of these photos, she excitedly exclaimed, “That’s Becca! That’s my big sister!” Hero loves playing at “Becca’s house” and now, after having the wonderful opportunity of photographing Becca’s family, I have a better understanding of why Hero loves the Dixons with all her heart. This family is truly something special. They are all the best of friends and just SHINE. Watching these sisters interact with each other was a total joy for me and you’d be hard pressed to find more loving, supportive, and kind parents. I know that MY life has been blessed by the Dixons and I loved being able to capture just a small bit of their light.Samantha Kelly Photography-9000-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9036Samantha Kelly Photography-9048Samantha Kelly Photography-9053Samantha Kelly Photography-9003-2

Samantha Kelly Photography-9058Samantha Kelly Photography-9062Samantha Kelly Photography-9016Samantha Kelly Photography-9014Samantha Kelly Photography-9001-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9026Samantha Kelly Photography-9033Samantha Kelly Photography-9049Samantha Kelly Photography-9051Samantha Kelly Photography-9050Samantha Kelly Photography-9045Samantha Kelly Photography-9030Samantha Kelly Photography-9024Samantha Kelly Photography-9015Samantha Kelly Photography-9006Samantha Kelly Photography-9011Samantha Kelly Photography-9052Samantha Kelly Photography-9029Samantha Kelly Photography-9019Samantha Kelly Photography-9000-4Samantha Kelly Photography-9000-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9056Samantha Kelly Photography-9027Samantha Kelly Photography-9009Samantha Kelly Photography-9017Samantha Kelly Photography-9004Samantha Kelly Photography-9038Samantha Kelly Photography-9063Samantha Kelly Photography-9054Samantha Kelly Photography-9031Samantha Kelly Photography-9035

Samantha Kelly Photography-9042Samantha Kelly Photography-9046Samantha Kelly Photography-9040Samantha Kelly Photography-9003Samantha Kelly Photography-9000-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9000Samantha Kelly Photography-9002Samantha Kelly Photography-9001Samantha Kelly Photography-9012Samantha Kelly Photography-9008Samantha Kelly Photography-9043Samantha Kelly Photography-9067Samantha Kelly Photography-9034Samantha Kelly Photography-9002-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9000-3Samantha Kelly Photography-9061Samantha Kelly Photography-9066Samantha Kelly Photography-9025

Mamiya 645 Pro TL, Canon eos3, Kodak Portra 800, Tri-x

Léa - I just love looking at you sessions. you are amazing at posing people and keeping session lovely and simple.
They look like such an amazing, loving family.


Kim - Wow! I LOVE your work, Samantha! Love the quirkiness, natural posing, and perspectives. I can’t stop scrolling through your blog. You are an inspiration!