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david miller (and family!) of alpine film lab

Having David Miller of Alpine Film Lab (the lab I use for all my processing and developing) ask me to do a family session for him was basically the highlight of my film shooting experience thus far. Hands down.

And can I just say that I have a small crush on this family? Because I do. I thought I was going to be a nervous stress wreck the whole time- knowing that David is an amazing film photographer himself and would be developing the film and thus seeing alllll the frames I shot (for better or for worse). In fact, this is the guy who actually first taught me how to even shoot film. Anything I know about my camera, technically speaking, is thanks to him. So no pressure at all shooting his family, right?! But surprisingly, this session was probably one of the most relaxed and flat-out fun sessions I’ve ever shot. Still not sure how that happened but I’m thinking it had a lot do to with how amazing these guys are together. They are the coolest and so mellow. All the expectations and pressure I was putting on myself just melted away and, before I knew it, our time together was over and I was left wishing I had brought lots more film just so I could keep hanging out with these four.

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Samantha Kelly Photography-9001-3

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Mamiya 645 ProTL, Canon eos3, Fuji 400h, Kodak Tri-x


the taylor family’s light

I first met Jalene about 18 months ago when I first started dabbling in photography and hired her to teach me how to use Lightroom. So you can imagine my excitement when, a few months ago, she asked me to do a family session for her! Jalene is one of the best (and busiest!) wedding photographers in Utah. She is lovely to the core. Soft-spoken, unassuming, and genuine. The love she holds for her little family is inspiring. The Taylor’s happiness and contentment together just radiate outwards so much so that being around them makes you feel surprisingly peaceful and at home.

Thank you, Taylor family, for letting me into your beautiful circle of joy for an evening.

Samantha Kelly Photography-9044Samantha Kelly Photography-9041Samantha Kelly Photography-9023Samantha Kelly Photography-9014Samantha Kelly Photography-9013Samantha Kelly Photography-9007Samantha Kelly Photography-9026Samantha Kelly Photography-9011Samantha Kelly Photography-9035Samantha Kelly Photography-9038Samantha Kelly Photography-9005Samantha Kelly Photography-9001-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9004-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9015Samantha Kelly Photography-9037Samantha Kelly Photography-9027Samantha Kelly Photography-9043Samantha Kelly Photography-9017Samantha Kelly Photography-9009-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9012Samantha Kelly Photography-9020Samantha Kelly Photography-9040Samantha Kelly Photography-9025Samantha Kelly Photography-9009Samantha Kelly Photography-9005-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9003-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9010Samantha Kelly Photography-9008Samantha Kelly Photography-9007-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9024Samantha Kelly Photography-9021Samantha Kelly Photography-9042Samantha Kelly Photography-9039Samantha Kelly Photography-9019Samantha Kelly Photography-9004Samantha Kelly Photography-9028Samantha Kelly Photography-9002Samantha Kelly Photography-9008-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9006Samantha Kelly Photography-9036Samantha Kelly Photography-9003Samantha Kelly Photography-9030Samantha Kelly Photography-9001Samantha Kelly Photography-9031Samantha Kelly Photography-9022Samantha Kelly Photography-9018

Mamiya 645 proTL, canon eos3, fuji 400h, kodak tri-x

Jalene Taylor - I LOVE them so much! Thank you thank you!

ellen patton - Hello, I want her shoes! And, these photos are amazing. They must be thrilled.


softness, silliness, and patience at the lake

I’m so, so glad I got to meet the Evans family. Both Nic and Whitney are amazing parents. I loved witnessing the gentleness and kindness they hold for one another. The boys adore their dad- and for good reason. He was so patient and sweet with each one of them. And, of course, was just the right amount of goofy and fun also. And when cute baby Grey cried for basically the whole session, Nic and Whitney just rolled with it so gracefully and kept their cool. Instead of getting overwhelmed, they simply hugged him and comforted him- never once seeming stressed or anxious about it. Few parents could do that.

And all those boys! Just watching them interact with each other, help each other, and encourage each other- all the while holding fishing poles and fishing nets- it made me feel like I had stepped inside a Norman Rockwell painting. When I asked the second oldest to think of something that makes him happy as I was taking his portrait, he told me he had thought of his youngest brother. And that’s when my heart melted into a puddle on the ground. Again.

Thanks for letting me be a part of your wonderfulness for an evening, Evans family.

Samantha Kelly Photography-9020Samantha Kelly Photography-9018Samantha Kelly Photography-9024

Samantha Kelly Photography-9002Samantha Kelly Photography-9027Samantha Kelly Photography-9007-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9012Samantha Kelly Photography-9001Samantha Kelly Photography-9000Samantha Kelly Photography-9014Samantha Kelly Photography-9007Samantha Kelly Photography-9015Samantha Kelly Photography-9009-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9010Samantha Kelly Photography-9008Samantha Kelly Photography-9005-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9003Samantha Kelly Photography-9005Samantha Kelly Photography-9001-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9017Samantha Kelly Photography-9010-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9019Samantha Kelly Photography-9004Samantha Kelly Photography-9000-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9000-3Samantha Kelly Photography-9006Samantha Kelly Photography-9009Samantha Kelly Photography-9002-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9011Samantha Kelly Photography-9013-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9016Samantha Kelly Photography-9003-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9021Samantha Kelly Photography-9004-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9023Samantha Kelly Photography-9012-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9022Samantha Kelly Photography-9008-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9025Samantha Kelly Photography-9011-2

Mamiya 645, canon eos 3, fuji 400h, kodak tri-x

Jennifer Bulich - I can’t get enough of this family session. It’s just perfect!


learning about love and happiness from the ahlstroms

I first had the pleasure of photographing the Ahlstrom family last year. I love that they asked me to be their photographer again.

There’s so much I can say about this team. They are the total definition of LOVE. Eden and Britain are exactly one year apart and the sweetest of friends. They skip around talking about all things girly and searching for acorns. Man, they loved finding those acorns. And boy do they know how to have FUN! When I was thinking about possible locations for their session, I just knew we had to come to this park because it has a little hidden amphitheater and a stage. I remembered from last year’s session that the girls love dancing and are experts at “posing.” And, just as I thought, the stage was a huge hit with them! Cuties to the max.

And then there’s Russell and Shyla. I adore them. They are just flat out loving and kind to each other every single second. Sneaking little pecks in between photos and soft giggles. So wonderful to see and feel just a small portion of the quiet love they share. And the calm, patient way they are with their girls? It’s just the cherry on top!

I walked away from my time spent with these four feeling better about life and wanting to be more like them. Thank you, Ahlstrom family.

Samantha Kelly Photography-9033Samantha Kelly Photography-9022Samantha Kelly Photography-9015Samantha Kelly Photography-9012Samantha Kelly Photography-9023Samantha Kelly Photography-9031Samantha Kelly Photography-9000-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9000Samantha Kelly Photography-9001Samantha Kelly Photography-9024Samantha Kelly Photography-9026Samantha Kelly Photography-9027Samantha Kelly Photography-9006Samantha Kelly Photography-9008Samantha Kelly Photography-9002Samantha Kelly Photography-9003-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9030Samantha Kelly Photography-9016Samantha Kelly Photography-9005Samantha Kelly Photography-9004-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9001-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9004Samantha Kelly Photography-9017

Samantha Kelly Photography-9010Samantha Kelly Photography-9019Samantha Kelly Photography-9037Samantha Kelly Photography-9036

Samantha Kelly Photography-9005-2

Samantha Kelly Photography-9032Samantha Kelly Photography-9018Samantha Kelly Photography-9028Samantha Kelly Photography-9014Samantha Kelly Photography-9002-2Samantha Kelly Photography-9020Samantha Kelly Photography-9038

Mamiya 645, canon eos, fuji 400h, kodak tri-x


Jenna and love at the beach

Jenna is from the San Francisco Bay Area. I first met her at the Yan Fam Way workshop in Salt Lake City last spring. During introductions, when she described herself as a “go big or go home” type of personality, someone who does something 110% once she puts her mind to it, I knew we were made for each other. Jenna is an amazing photographer and, since April, she and I have been each other’s secret film photography cheerleaders- at least that’s how I like to imagine it!

I was beyond excited when Jenna asked me to come out to California and photograph her family. And was I so thrilled that everything could come together to make it happen! The stars had aligned and with not a cloud in the sky, we enjoyed a dreeeeeamy evening at the beach with her family.

Samantha Kelly Photography-ltk-9029Samantha Kelly Photography-ltk-9028Samantha Kelly Photography-ltk-9019Samantha Kelly Photography-ltk-9018Samantha Kelly Photography-ltk-9036Samantha Kelly Photography-ltk-9034Samantha Kelly Photography-ltk-9030Samantha Kelly Photography-ltk-9032Samantha Kelly Photography-ltk-9009Samantha Kelly Photography-ltk-9035

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Samantha Kelly Photography-ltk-9054Samantha Kelly Photography-ltk-9049Samantha Kelly Photography-ltk-9004-2Samantha Kelly Photography-ltk-9025Samantha Kelly Photography-ltk-9048Samantha Kelly Photography-ltk-9041Samantha Kelly Photography-ltk-9040Samantha Kelly Photography-ltk-9003-2Samantha Kelly Photography-ltk-9045Samantha Kelly Photography-ltk-9063Samantha Kelly Photography-ltk-9064Samantha Kelly Photography-ltk-9058Samantha Kelly Photography-ltk-9059Samantha Kelly Photography-ltk-9065Samantha Kelly Photography-ltk-9002-2Samantha Kelly Photography-ltk-9043Samantha Kelly Photography-ltk-9046Samantha Kelly Photography-ltk-9039

Samantha Kelly Photography-ltk-9006-2

Samantha Kelly Photography-ltk-9061Samantha Kelly Photography-ltk-9062Samantha Kelly Photography-ltk-9066Samantha Kelly Photography-ltk-9023Samantha Kelly Photography-ltk-9024Samantha Kelly Photography-ltk-9022Samantha Kelly Photography-ltk-9060Samantha Kelly Photography-ltk-9067

Mamiya 645, Canon eos3, Fuji 400h, Kodak Tri-x

Valerie - Seriously gorgeous!

Jenny - These are so pretty and fun!